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Launch of WIN 3000 remote control software for the NSG 30xx

May 2010

This software marks a new milestone in the long and successful remote control software history of Teseq. The WIN 3000 represents the newest and modern graphical user interface (GUI) which runs on Windows. Care has been taken on an easy readable font with its clearly defined icons and structure.



The new GUI allows customized windows setting to fit customer best workplace. All

windows can be easily pin or un-pinned to get the best focus on important parameter and its flow. The un-pinned windows can be placed on a side-out toolbar for fast access. The windows are dockable to the desired location using the “smart docking” symbol or windows can even be placed on a second monitor. The windows setting can be saved and restored for easy recall.


Parameter settings

Parameter can be either set using the parameter window which is usable like the familiar user interface of the NSG unit or for faster user parameter setting it can be changed in the “test step” windows by a simple click on the value. In the “test step” itself can be copied or deleted by right-clicking. Different ramping method can be chosen, as well multi-parameter ramping. The parameter flow and priority can be swapped and for investigation and each individual value can be adjusted on the fly. One test can contain up to 500 test step and each test step can be triggered individually, this allows the user to create long-term test which are usable depending an selected test steps.


Sequencing and report

A flexible and continually expandable standard test library allows the user an immediate access to predefined test as well as user-created test files. Both types of tests are capable of being combined to a sequence and can be complemented with user-defined dialogs. The Word-based report template can be customized to the specific needs. All necessary test setting information will be chronologically printed and supplementary information can be added such as test setup pictures. In case of an EUT-Fail input, the fail values will be reported as well as the selected actions.


Run mode

A large variety of diverse run modes gives the customer the freedom for fast and result orientated testing options. A special feature is the resizable “Run time display” windows. Customer can easy select the most wanted parameter and resize this window, so he can easily read the actual status of its test from a distance, especially useful for long term test.


The WIN 3000 software will be included in the NSG 30xx package. Once installed the

full trial version can be used for 30 days. After the trial period, the software revert to a “light version” with no sequencer, no test report, no standard test library ability. As soon a valid license key is entered, the full version will be available.



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