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IEEE EMC Symposium in Austin, Texas

August 2009

Hot weather and hot food started this year’s IEEE EMC Symposium in Austin Texas. Teseq held its traditional customer reception at Stubbs Bar BQ. From the moment you arrived the smell of delicious barbeque permeated the air. Stubbs has a great reputation and many people must have known how good the food would be, as it was our largest turnout in several years. We also have to thank Panashield who co-hosted with Teseq this year. We have many customers in common so it was great to see them all show up to enjoy the fine food and drinks with us.

Besides the great live music scene, one of the sites you can’t miss when visiting Austin is the world’s largest urban population of bats. They live in narrow crevices which are a natural feature of the Congress Avenue bridge. Starting at dusk and lasting for about one hour, around 1.5 million bats take to the air, clouding the sky. The Mexican Free-Tail bat is said to be the “jet fighter” of bats, flying at up to 60 miles per hour. It is amazing to see them swirling under the bridge before heading down the river on their evening excursion.

On the show floor, Teseq displayed several new products including the IOB 4000 EUT monitoring system, Compliance 5 software, new 3 and 6 GHz RF amplifiers and the PMM EP-600 Field Probe. Congratulations to Ross Carlton of National Instruments who won our raffle for a 3GHz RF Preamplifier! The booth also attracted a new video EMC news format, Espresso Engineering. Steve Koster of Washington Labs interviewed Greg Senko live at our booth. Click on the link above and you can see all the latest Teseq products featured in the interview.



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