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CISPR 16-1-4 VSWR chamber calibration

September 2008

CISPR 16-1-4 VSWR, are you and your customers ready?


Teseq Ltd Wokingham will be.

In September of this year Teseq Ltd. (Wokingham) had a successful UKAS audit on site at Panasonic in Wales. While there, the UKAS representative witnessed our new CISPR 16-1-4 VSWR chamber measurement calibration 1 – 18 GHz before we submitted it for UKAS recognition and accreditation.

With a few minor wishes from UKAS we have now submitted our AC3 documentation and await the UKAS decision (which should be a formality).

The standard should be available by the new year after UKAS have looked at our proposal and we aim to travel internationally in pursuit of this business. We have been requested by major chamber builders in the UK already and a few test houses. Panasonic UK has identified us as their preferred chamber calibrator during upcoming chamber builds. We now also have enquiries around Asia and Europe.

Hopefully 2009 will give us more opportunities on the chamber calibration market.

We have now also submitted our AC3 for Harmonics & Flicker although this will probably take a little longer.

This has been a good team effort in the UK.




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