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Fully automated ESD testing; The NSG 439 robotic application

March 2007

The growing trend towards ever tougher product standards means that nowadays not
only are operating controls subjected to ESD testing but now, more than ever, any associated peripheral devices are also subjected to intensive testing right across the board. Multi-way connectors as found increasingly in modern bus-systems, too, are coming under greater scrutiny. However, pin testing in the conventional airdischarge
mode is not permissible. But with well thought robotic air-discharge adapter
accessory, we provide a tool which will stop unforeseen discharge paths. Furthermore, the approaching speed, which is critical for reliable air-discharge testing, can be programmed as a constant.

ESD testing is generally carried out by specialist personnel who are over-qualified for
the boring and monotonous work. With the advantages of the robots, we can perform
those tiresome but precisely executed test procedures into a profitable basis. An additional advantage guaranteed by using modern robots is the high degree of repetitiveness, which improves the qualitative reproducibility by a significant factor.

In order to guarantee the greatest possible flexibility in use, we offer the NSG 439 only as a whole package including the necessary software. This is comprised of the complex robotic mechanism together with the ESD controller, which performs the required test procedure synchronously.

The NSG 439 ESD simulations generator has been designed for use in a hard robotic environment to withstand the large centrifugal forces. Al known parameters from the NSG 438 are usable as well as the complete set of optional discharge probes which helps simplifying test procedures and special test conditions.


Complete system solution with 30kV esd generators for robotic applications:

- complete solution for robotic applications

- compact and specially tailored housing

- tailored robotic air discharge adapter

- fully compliant with IEC/EN 61000-4-2 and ISO 10605

- robot attachment facility positioned on various facets of the housing

- easily exchangeable networks



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