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Schaffner UK CSC opens refurbished workshop

May 2006

During April 2006, Schaffner UK finally concentrated its activities onto one site. This was achieved through the closure of Capel and the transfer of all the UK’s CSC operations to Wokingham.


This provides considerable cost savings to the division and will contribute substantially to its future profitability. However, an even more important consequence is the improved operational efficiency which comes from singlesite activity. This will become increasingly clear now that most of the transitional problems have been resolved.


The vast majority of the antennas that were previously calibrated at the Capel OATS can now be undertaken indoors in one of two screened rooms. UKAS accreditation was achieved for antennas and our other products following a complete reassessment in May.


This extremely impressive achievement by Phil Norden and his team was without any external help – and in spite of all the disruption they are still on budget!



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