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CDN 163 - burst coupling network

September 2005

High frequency pulse signals do result in cross-talk between conductors running in parallel even over short distances. This behaviour is taken into account in the latest and currently valid edition of the burst standard EN/IEC 61000-4-4 (2004) and results in the fact that coupling of burst pulses is now only specified in pure common mode. CDN 163 uses this coupling method.


The CDN 163 is a 690 VAC three-phase or 1000 VDC burst pulse coupling network for large EUT currents. Although designed for continuous duty at up to 100 A per phase, the unit can be subjected to considerably higher currents for short durations. As a result, high inrush currents or pulse-shaped peak currents can be handled with ease. The current limitation is largely down to a matter of thermal loading. A built-in thermometer enables the heating effect to be monitored.




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